Stock Management

Stock market and mutual funds are a major investment area for Indian investors.

With Easy Life® Personal Finances, you can manage share market and mutual fund transactions in a simple, intuitive manner.

Mutual Fund Investment

Easy Life® helps you manage mutual fund investments in India. The software comes with built-in lists of mutual fund companies and their schemes.

Apart from MF units purchase and sales transactions, you can also enter Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and dividend reinvestments.

Post Saving Scheme

The Indian Post Office has a vast network throughout India and offers a number of small savings schemes to investors in India.

Most investors in India have significant investments in post office saving schemes and hence it is important to manage these investments


Insurance and ULIP Plan

Life insurance policies are a very important investment area for Indian investors. Hence, it is important to manage life insurance policies properly and make timely premium payments.

Similarly, Easy Life® also provides you facility to record various, ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) to manage Investment through Insurance Company. Which handle Policy Information & Fund Allocation. Easy Life® also covers managing pension plans, being offered by most life insurance companies.

Fixed and Assured Returns Investments

Many investors have risk aversion when it comes to investing their hard earned money, and look to invest in relatively risk-free instruments with assured returns on their investments.

Even investors who are willing to risk their money in stock markets tend to invest a part of their portfolio in fixed return investments such as bank fixed deposits.

Fund Flow Management

Personal finance management requires keeping track of all cash flows – inflow and outflow, on account of any transaction.

Easy Life® provides such comprehensive personal finance management.

Live Quotes and other utilities

Easy Life® provides utilities to auto download live stock prices from NSE / BSE and also end of day stock prices.

Mutual Fund scheme NAV is also downloadable (AMFI). This helps in upgrading your investment portfolio for stocks and mutual funds on regular basis as you desire.

Mobile Application

Easy Life® goes a step further in ease of use and access.

We have custom applications for Android and iOS smartphone users with following features built-in to the mobile applications.

Loan Management

Easy Life® introduces loan management feature to manage Home, Personal, Vehicle and other loans.

Easy Life Loan Management module comes with advance features such as EMI computation, Pre-Payment, Loan Rescheduling , Loan Account Summary & Statement