Loan Management

Loans can be difficult to manage. Keeping a track about your payments and other reminders can be done swiftly with Easy Life, where the software provides you knack to record any type of loan and manage its payment entry. You can manage home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan, education loan, gold loan and various other sorts of loan listed by various companies. Easy Life helps you in the best way to manage your loan.

The software also includes features like:

  • Pre-payment and loan scheduling
  • Loan account summary
  • Statement Reports

We have list of banks as lenders. The lenders could be companies or personal also. You can select your lender and other details with ease. You also get reports of your borrowed loan in statement and summary as well. These reports are downloadable and can be saved for your future reference. In addition, you get reminders for your payment due in regular intervals so you don’t miss them.